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938 S State Street
Lockport, IL 60441


Naked Sprout Organics Market is proud to offer certified organic, non-GMO verified, Fair Trade products. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best raw, vegan, organic food in the southwest suburbs. 

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Essential Oils
THursday October 5th - 6PM

Improved health is just a sniff away!

You’ve heard the buzz.  
Join us on October 5th and find out why Essential Oils are here to stay!

Whether you’re brand spanking new to oils or have been around the block once but not twice, this is the perfect class for you.
We are going to cover the basics and then get you sniffing your way to improved health before you know it.

First off, we are going to review the how to’s…

        - Most effective ways to inhale essential oils

        - When to apply topically and if a carrier oil or neat is the way to go, and

        - What to consider before ingesting oils.

Next,  we’ll get real and discuss how to use oils economically…

        -How to stretch your essential oil stash to get the biggest bang for your buck and

        -How to safely share expensive oils with friends and family.

Then, get your your sniffer ready because we are going to get up close and personal with a variety of the most popular oils. While you’re sniffing away we’ll identify…

        -The most popular essential oils and why they are so useful and how to make your very own inhalers for….

                deep relaxation
                stress reduction
                focus and concentration
                open your breathing passages
                improve athletic performance
                enhanced energy
                ease a headache
                feel grounded
                increase libido
                suppress cravings


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