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938 S State Street
Lockport, IL 60441


Naked Sprout Organics Market is proud to offer certified organic, non-GMO verified, Fair Trade products. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best raw, vegan, organic food in the southwest suburbs. 


Unconventional Healing

Unconventional Healing is nutritional wellness based educational Ranch.  We offer programs that are focus on supporting and strengthening the immune system. We follow the concept and principles of the Gerson Therapy. It is for those who have chosen to NOT endure conventional Cancer treatment and for those who HAVE finished Conventional Cancer treatment. The founder Laurie Sloan completed the Gerson Therapy program. She has been helping people for 8 plus years at her business Naked Sprout Organics. She is excited to bring Healing to The Unconventional Healing Ranch in Guffey, CO to share her experience and help others one on one in nature’s perfect setting.

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Our therapy is based simply on 2 things: Toxicity and deficiency. If your body is toxic it becomes deficient. If your body is deficient it becomes toxic. Over the last 8 years of helping people I have witnessed that people who are in chronic pain, inflammation, digestive issues or have immune diseases are all toxic and deficient.

Dr. Gerson’s dietary therapy is an intensive, nutrition-based program That Laurie has done. Gerson Therapy has proven to stimulate the body’s own natural immune response while promoting the breakdown of diseased and tumor-laden tissue as well as the rebuilding of that diseased tissue. It works closely with the healing forces of nature to stimulate and restore normal growth by flooding the body with fresh, ORGANIC, raw, cooked, plant based, live foods on a scale that no other nutritional therapy in the world today can compare. It simply is the most powerful, comprehensive therapy available in the world today.

Specific ORGANIC fruits and vegetables, raw and freshly prepared, supply massive amounts of nutrients and phytochemicals that have proven, in worldwide studies, to have incredible anti-cancer immune and health-promoting properties. In countless cases, this, intense dietary regime has proven to cause COMPLETE regression of cancer. We are not claiming to CURE CANCER. Laurie is just sharing her journey and what she has done as well as many countless others to be her still today.

Holistic, all-encompassing, nutritional immunotherapy, based on the principles of Dr. Max Gerson’s therapy, is able to reverse a myriad of chronic conditions including, but not limited to, Arthritis, Lupus, Candida, Thyroid disease, Alzheimers, Asthma, MS, Diabetes, Cancer and countless other conditions. When done in conjunction with other, highly-effective immunological treatments mentioned below, those results are exemplified on an even greater magnitude that cannot be rivaled anywhere in the world.

GERSON THERAPY – Max B. Gerson, M.D., is considered one of the original pioneers behind Nutritional Immunology for his many contributions in chronic and degenerative diseases, infectious diseases, and cancer. His diet, consisting of 20lbs. of organic fruits and vegetables every day (mostly in the form of juices), as well as a potent detoxification program, is the foundation from which we build on the therapies below.

The therapies below are all available but the protocols will vary based on the patient’s needs throughout their stay at our clinic. The decision to which therapies will be applied will be made by the clinic and the patient thru mutual agreement.

GERSON’S DIETARY THERAPY as practiced by Dr. Gerson up until his death in 1959

13 Freshly Organic fruit and vegetable juices           

Organic Vegetarian meals

Organic Vegan Meals

Organic fresh fruit and Vegetables                                             

Acceleration of metabolism                                             

Potassium compound – oral

Pancreatic enzymes                                                            

Stomach enzymes

CoQ10 – oral. This vitamin has shown a strong anti-tumor effect in a breast cancer trial (Copenhagen, Denmark). Principal investigator Karl Folkers reports regression of liver and lung tumors in a current German trial.                                                                   

Niacin – oral

Liver capsules                                                                       

Thyroid – oral

Vitamin C – oral                                                      

Lugol’s solution

Liver/B12 injections                                                           

Enemas of coffee and/or chamomile tea

Castor oil treatments                                                           

Castor oil packs

Clay packs                                                                             

 Herbal teas

Essiac Tea

INFRA RED SAUNA – Sauna with herbal teas to induce sweating. Body heating has been shown to have beneficial effects in cancer treatment when temperature rises about 107 degrees. Furthermore, evidence is beginning to become clear that when the body is bombarded with chlorophyll, which is plentiful in our green juices and spirulina, then the body is exposed to far infra red light, cancer cells die off just as effectively as chemotherapy. Our special protocol for light therapy is a recent, exciting addition to the proven principles of the Gerson Therapy.


Laurie Sloan decided years ago, while sick, to be an Organic, Non-GMO, Raw Wellness Warrior. She is committed to reveal the truth of the standard American diet (SAD). To help individuals finally discover the truth behind what "TRUE" health is and educate what "Raw Living Foods" really means.

After beating Cancer NATURALLY the 3rd time, yes "THIRD" diagnosis of cancer. The following reasons are why people seek out Laurie daily to help them heal naturally as well. Laurie decided to take her 8 years of experience from the city to the country to be able to focus one on one with individuals. The popularity and success of the current businesses makes this hard for her to find the time to help people. So one day she said, "the need is to great I have to move to be able to accommodate peoples healing in a greater capacity. 

What makes Laurie Qualified, lets take a look:

Laurie holds four different training certifications in the following areas based solely on living a Raw, plant based life. You can receive her experience and training in individual areas or become certified yourself in any of the following areas. Laurie loves to encourage all who come to the Naked Sprout Market to "Go Naked. Go Raw."

  • Certified Raw Chef "Simple Gourmet Raw Food"
  • Certified Raw Nutrition Specialist "Healing with Raw Food"
  • Certified Raw Personal Trainer "Healthier through Raw Workouts"
  • Certified Raw Lifestyle Coach "Helping People Go Raw"